Why engage Suzanne C. Shapiro Law, LLC to handle your appeal?
AAn appeal is often the last stage of litigation, requiring a skilled appellate advocate to preserve a victory or overturn an unjust ruling. Often times cases that reach the appellate level concern legal issues with minimal legal precedent. Suzanne C. Shapiro has extensive practical experience handling complex and novel legal issues at the trial and appellate levels. Drawing on this experience, Ms. Shapiro is tenacious in representing clients on issues of first impression, as well as advocating for necessary changes in the law. She is skilled in presenting complicated issues in a concise yet persuasive manner. She presents creative legal analysis, with an adept use of the record, to emphasize the strength of her clients’ positions, and to provide proper solutions to the courts in reaching  just and fair decisions for her clients.

Suzanne C. Shapiro Law, LLC offers a range of appellate legal services, including:

briefing and arguing appeals and other appellate motions as counsel of record, or in collaboration with trial counsel;

collaborating and consulting with trial counsel on appellate strategy and technique, both at the trial and appellate stages of litigation;

providing assistance to trial counsel in ensuring that issues are properly and adequately preserved for appellate review;

aiding trial counsel in handling motions practice, and briefing significant legal issues at the trial level, for record development in preparation for appeal;

assisting trial counsel on appeals, including identifying legal issues and preparing or editing argument;

preparing petitions for review in the U. S. Supreme Court and Maryland’s high court;

preparing amicus curiae (friends of the court) briefs;

conducting moot courts.